February 1, 2014

P's 1st Big Illness :(

Oh my heart is breaking for this sweet girl! She's just not herself! You can tell she's in pain. 

This week we started noticing P being extra whiny, clingy, fussy, etc. she also has 4 new teeth trying to come in so we thought that was the culprit. Until the high fever started...

Fevers alone are scary to me, but I know how I feel when I have a fever so I know P has got to be in pain. She just can't tell me...so she cries. When the fever wasn't staying down Ryan took her to the doctor. They tested for flu, strep, and RSV. Positive for flu! :( she even got the flu shot! 

The doctor said for people who did get the flu shot and ate still getting the flu it's not that bad. We stated her on Tamiflu. Hopefully early enough so we can knock this out, and show the flu who's boss! 

I posted on the LLL FB page to get tips. We're alternating meds and nursing often, but somebody suggested Popsicles! So we tried it and P loved it! I knew it would make quite the mess so I put her in the laundry basket to contain the mess. Haha. We hung out in the garage while Daddy did some work (or whatever he does out there). 

It was a long night of not much sleep, but I continue to pray that God heals her! I pray this doesn't last long and she can get well soon! 

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