January 8, 2014

Prestyn's 9th Month

I'm getting so bad about making time to blog! Prestyn turned 9 months on December 21st. I took her 9 month pictures that morning, but with Christmas, New Years, and back to school I have not had time to blog! I have so many entries started, but not finished. :( Moms who blog...how do you find the time?! ...moms who are teachers & blog...how do you find the time?!

I know this post is supposed to be about Prestyn's 9th month, but here's a quick preview of how my day goes:
3ish-4ish AM: Nurse Prestyn
5:30 AM: Alarm goes off
6:30 AM: Actually get out of bed & get ready
7:00 AM: Wake up Prestyn & get her ready
7:15 AM: Take Prestyn to Mrs. Amber's
7:30 AM: Teach, love, learn, play, plan, grade, meet, smile, share, etc.
4:00 PM: Pick up P. Then it's play time, clean up, etc. until
5:30 PM: Dinner
6:00 PM: Give P her bath
6:30 PM: Get P ready for bed
7:00 PM: Nurse P to bed

The rest of the evening I grade, spend time with my husband, and have some quiet time. Then go to bed...so seriously! When am I supposed to blog?! It makes me sad because I want to document P's life through the blog! Anyway...

...back to why I'm here! I thought it would be fun to write this post from P's perspective. :) So here goes:

Hiiiii! (I like to flap my arm & wave that at people!) My name's Prestyn Reese. I also answer to P. I'm such a good baby! Even though I wear mommy & daddy out because I'm so active I'm still pretty good. :) During my 9th month my mommy got to stay home with me for 2 weeks! Once during the week of Thanksgiving & once during the week of Christmas. I thought I'd help her out by sleeping in until 9ish, and taking a 3 hour nap each day. Mommy says it was glorious! I love spending day with her just as much as she does with me.

When Mommy picks me up from Mrs. Amber's I clap crazily because I'm so happy to see her! I also do this when Daddy gets home from work. I love to FaceTime with Daddy & Papa. When I see them on the phone I smile SO big & clap! Speaking of SO big...when Mommy asks me how BIG I am I raise my hands over my head to show her! I also LOVE to play peek-a-boo! I put blankets, hats, toys, etc. in front of my face then pull it down to see Mommy & Daddy then I just LAUGH!

I got to celebrate lots of fun times with family during my 9th month. When my mommy has more time to blog she'll blog more specifically about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Speaking of Thanksgiving...that was the 1st time I got to eat the same food my mommy & daddy ate! Since I love to feed myself so much I now get to eat lots of food my mommy & daddy eat. So far I have liked EVERYTHING I've eaten...including black eyed peas!

Mommy is working on teaching my sign language. I'm doing better with signing "more" & "all done". Once I have that down Mommy will teach me more. :) I love to learn! With all the toys I got for Christmas I'm learning & having fun! I also got a new chair for Christmas with a P on it! I like to sit in it, have my snack, and watch Baby Einstein videos. I also LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I dance everytime I hear the music!

Mommy likes to dance with me in the kitchen. She says she has to put on a "dog & pony show" to keep me busy otherwise I'm all over the place! Until recently I liked opening the kitchen cabinets & pulling everything out. Even with all the new toys I got I still like to be wherever Mommy is...including her bathroom...I take everything out of the cabinets in there too. I don't know what happened, but Daddy was home working one day & now I can't get into any of the cabinets! But it is fun to take all the magnets off the refridgerator when I'm in the kitchen!

Mrs. Amber says I sleep awesome at her house! I sleep great at Mommy & Daddy's house too! I wake up once during the night to nurse then I go right back to sleep! When I'm home with Mommy I nurse before naps & bed time, but that's it. At Mrs. Amber's I like to get my milk in my sippy cup. No more bottles at daycare!

I didn't mind going to see Dr. Drake this month. I didn't have to get any shots! And she said I am doing wonderful! I weigh 18.5 pounds! I am wearing size 9-12 month clothes. Some 12 month clothes are small. Mommy still tries to get me to wear some 6 month clothes, but I'm growing fast! Mommy also tries to get me to wear a bow everyday. Sometimes I surprise her & keep it in! But most days I like to pull it out, and throw it on the ground!

Getting dressed is no fun. I'd rather walk/crawl around in a dirty diaper! I HATE diaper changes! Mommy has figured out how to change my diapers with me standing. If she sings my favorite songs I might sit still while she gets me dressed. I like: Old McDonald, 5 monkeys jumping on a bed, and "She's a goose" That's a song my mommy made up, but Daddy likes to sing it to me too & it makes me laugh!

I could go on and on and on, but a corner in my bed is calling my name! So off to sleep I go! Enjoy my pictures! :)

Bye Bye! I also wave my arm to say bye bye!

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