January 9, 2014

New Year::Old Me

Happy 2014! The year Ryan and I turn 30...leading up to this year I think we both cringed at the thought, but now that it's here...I don't feel old, and I hear your 30s are WAY better than your 20s which makes sense so...BRING IT ON! I'm ready!

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. For many reasons: 1 being (I'll admit) I don't follow through with them all year long. 2. Shouldn't we all try to better ourselves each and every day? It's like saying: I'll start my diet on Monday! Why not start now?! 3. I'm pretty happy with the way I live my life so it was hard for me to find things to resolve to do better. Well here's what I came up with...just to appease those who ask: What's your resolution?! (With such excitement in their voice to share their own!) Ha!

New Year::Old Me I resolve...in this new year...to be the old me!

Part of this means being a regular attendee at church. Whether that me in person or online. I used to go to church every weekend. When I was pregnant I was SO exhausted that staying out late on a Saturday night or getting up early on a Sunday morning...just wasn't feeling it...once I had P we tried to get back into our church routine. It was somewhat easy at first. Because she slept most of the time. Now...she is usually napping at some point during nap times. But I resolve to make it an effort to attend church in some way this year. This past weekend that meant watching online. I loved it. Prestyn watched too. :) Then towards the end she was ready to nap! ;) During that service the pastor was talking about a New Year:New You. I had already drafted this blog resolving to be the old me. Ha! I love the way God always speaks to me. After hearing that sermon I knew this is what I needed to resolve to do...go back to being the person I was...

I love having a child, but it has changed me...not necessarily in a bad way! Life is just different! Since having P we don't spend as much time as we used to with friends. Seriously...Prestyn...if you're reading this do not think you're at fault for anything! I love weekends at home with my sweet family. But I used to HATE when people would make plans with me then cancel! I just think it's so inconsiderate. I understand when something comes up, but for the most part it would be silly excuses. I feel like I've turned into this person. So I resolve to follow through with plans I make! But with that...I have to learn to say no more!

At school we had to write a resolution so that as a familty (no that's not a typo...we refer to each other as a familty::cross between family & faculty! Have I mentioned how much I love my school?!) Anyway...we had to write a resolution so that as a familty we could hold each other accountable. I thought I need better balance in my life. Each day! Honestly I feel like I'm pretty good with spending time with P and Ry. My family is my life. Following my relationship with Christ my family is number 1! It's not an obligation to spend time with them, but it's what motivates me...inspires me...fulfills me! And I feel like I spend a good amount of time on school. Sometimes more than I should, and maybe sometimes not enough! But I feel like I have a pretty good balance with family & school. The area that I don't make time for is...myself! I used to blog, read, take bubble baths, have quiet time with God...I don't do much of that anymore. :( So I resolve to make more time for myself! Ryan has been such an awesome husband at encouraging this! He scheduled me a massage for Christmas. He got me lots of new soaps for bubble baths! I'm enjoying this "me" time I'm taking for myself!

Another resolution is to dress each day so that it's picture worthy! I follow lots of teachers on Instagram who post pictures of what they wore that day, and hashtag things like: whattheteacherwore teacherstyle teachersofinstagram. I love clothes, love fashion, and love to shop! I am trying to make an effort to dress each day to where I would WANT to take my picture! So far so good! I feel like when I look I feel good! And when I pick out my clothes the night before I look forward to getting dressed in the morning! So that leads to...

The resolution that most people make...eat better, exercise, blah blah blah. I mean yeah that's all important and all, but shouldn't we do that all the time?! Well I'm guilty! I did so good with losing baby weight AND then some! And then came...Halloween! I am seriously so SPOILED at my job that I have been overwhelmed with sweets & treats since Halloween! And who can say no to all the goodies?! So I indulged, and I weigh almost what I did when I got pregnant...a little less...which is still good, but I still want to lose more! So I've been trying to watch how many sweets I eat. :) Not resolving to cut them out completely because I believe that if you deprive yourself you end up over doing it! Also, I'm still breastfeeding so I make sure I eat plenty of calories & nutrition for P. Once I'm through breastfeeding maybe I'll join the Advocare cult or something like that to get these extra 10 lbs off! I seriously need to tone up before summer though!!

Aaaaaand finally....here I am...blogging! YAY! While drinking my coffee and watching the news! And I'm able to do that this morning because I didn't go back to bed after nursing P! Maybe I'll regret that later when I'm SO tired, but for now...I like this quiet time in the morning. So to my morning readers...I wish you a grand day!

What's your resolution?! ;)

How can I make a post without adding pics of P?!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE you! So many things in common from this post! We must get together, with our girls, soon....NO EXCUSES (from either of us, ha!)