January 26, 2014

Memories, Memories

A week ago today Ryan and I were on the road to Jefferson, TX for our 1st time away from P! Ryan is of course away from her when he goes to the fire station, but since she's been born we've never left her over night...

I was quite nervous! I knew she was in good hands with my mom keeping her, but I was nervous about her waking in the middle of the night to nurse...Mom can't quite do that so I wasn't sure how P would take a bottle...but she did great! And so did we!

Ryan's family is from Hughes Spring so he remembered that out that way was a sweet town called Jefferson that had bed and breakfast places! So he booked it! On our way out there Ryan just kept talking about "memories, memories" from his childhood. We made a stop by his great grandmother's house on our way to Jefferson...we called her Moose. :) And her house looks great! The family who bought it after she passed (2 years ago the weekend we were there) is taking great care of it! That was great to see!

When we got to the bed and breakfast we were greeted by the owner Valerie who was so friendly! She was so friendly that she just started telling us all about Jefferson as soon as we walked in! She told us about their restaraunts, shops, and ghost tours! Once she showed us to our room we learned about the history of the "Perry" room. It was very interesting! We looked around the property & found a bike for 2! We took a stroll through the streets around the bed & breakfast! It was fun!! Once we got back to the room we decided to go into town.

We shopped & got P some souvenirs and my mom some gifts for keeping P. :) We didn't get much for ourselves, but it was such a nice afternoon to walk around on a beautiful day with my love hand-in-hand. Ryan's grandmother, Nanny, told us about a pie place that had the best pies! So we stopped into House of Pies for a delicious piece of chocolate pie! Next time we go to Jefferson I'd like to have lunch there...the menu looked delish! Since this was a small town most of the shops closed at 5 so we went back to the bed & breakfast to take a nap!

It was so nice to sleep without worrying about P. I feel a little guilty saying that, but that was one of the best naps I've had in 10 months! We got ready for dinner, and we're out again! We had dinner at a very nice restaraunt called Memories & More. We thought the name was fitting since we were making memories & re-living Ryan's childhood memories of being on that side of the state. ;) The restaraunt was beautiful! They had a pianist there playing & singing. It was such a nice romantic dinner!

The Azalea Inn has about 1 million DVDs so we thought it'd be fun to watch a movie & enjoy some popcorn! We watched the Prisoners....really good movie!!! Breakfast was delivered to our room the next morning....SO DELICIOUS!!!! OMG it was so good! During breakfast I told Ryan that I had a nice time, but I was ready to get home to P! :) We stopped by to see Moose and Poose at the cemetary on our way home. Prestyn was excited to see us when we got home! And Ricky was too...that meant my mom didn't have to share her time between him & P! haha!

We will definitely go back to Jefferson & stay at the Azalea Inn!


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