November 20, 2012

Going FBO!

That stands for Facebook Official for those who don't know. ;)

We wanted to make sure that we told a few before posting to the world of Facebook. Which included my school family. :) and Ryan's brotherhood at the fire station. :)

I had started professional developments, and was needing to use the restroom quite a bit. I was also eating many snacks throughout the day to prevent nausea, and starting to get a little baby bump! So I knew it was time to tell!

By this point we had our big appointment where they drew blood, did a sonogram, and prepared us for the next couple months! So while at lunch with my team we were all sharing what we did over the summer...I said: "Look what I did this summer! Made a baby!"

We went FBO with this announcement, and received many well wishes and congratulations. :) Even though I didn't get to see all my FB friends & family members often it was a nice way to share our news with them!

Telling the Families...

The Christmas before we were married...while we were engaged & wedding planning I gave my dad Father of the Bride as a gift...this was a movie he and I always related to as far as the relationship between father & daughter so this gift was something that reminded us of that relationship while we planned for a wedding! When I made this purchase I went ahead & bought Father of the Bride Part 2 (where they are pregnant)...for the future!

Fortunately my parents had planned on coming over the night we found out we were expecting. So I wrapped up the movie (along with their San Antonio souvenirs)...They thought they were opening just a bag of souvenirs, but then found the took my dad quite a while to "get" what we were trying to tell him here!

I had to remind him...I gave him part 1 when we were planning for a now I'm giving you part 2 because...we're planning for...then my mom got it!...for a baby!! They were so ecstatic!

We planned to meet Ryan's mom & brother out for dinner in Dallas. "Just because we hadn't seen them in a while..."mmm hmmm! I stood between the both of them so Ryan could get a picture of the 3 of us...he said, "1, 2, 3, say: I'm going to be a grandma & uncle!!" They were shocked & very excited!!

We weren't able to meet up with Ryan's dad to tell him, but we were able to send him this...I had some bleeding that was a little scary so I got a picture earlier than at this point "it" just looked like a blob!

We did get to see Ryan's dad & Pap Pap just a few days after & got to tell Pap Pap too! I know everybody and every website tells you not to tell anybody until you're at least 12 weeks...just in case...our thoughts were the people we told in the beginning were the people closest to us, and we knew they would be praying for us...


So I know this isn't new news for y'all, but I wanted to share exactly how this day went! The day of finding out...not the day of when it happened. ;) You can read the anniversary post for that one. ;) haha!

We were ready for a baby so this was a surprise in the sense that I had taken about um...20-30 test prior to this! Exaggerating completely but for the past couple of months I was waiting...

When we got back from San Antonio we were getting ready for the reception for friends of ours. I had been helping with getting everything ready so I was busy, busy, busy! I needed to go to Target to get their wedding gift so I thought...may as well get a test...just for fun! I didn't even tell Ryan I got one until I was home for a while then told him I was going to go take it.

For the longest time I had this plan of how I was going to tell him: Thanks to Full House! I was going to make a meal with BABY back ribs, BABY carrots, BABY corn, etc...instead...I ran out of the bathroom kicking and screaming!!

I was a lot more relaxed with this one...I didn't hover over it waiting for it to say "Not Pregnant" since that's what I was so used to seeing. I just walked around the house doing stuff for the reception...THEN I went into the bathroom & saw it!!

Telling this story makes me relive it, and I love it! The excitement I feel inside is making me smile like that day was yesterday! Ryan and I were hugging & crying! I then began planning how we would tell our families! While I did that Ryan had to go out & get 5 more tests! Just to be sure!! Here's a pic of 4 of them...there were 7 of them!

Where Have We Been?!

Quite Busy!! My last post was about our 1 year anniversary so I'll pick up right where I left off!

I was hired to teach Summer School this past summer--yay! (New Floors--I'll get into that later!) Summer School started at the end of June and went through August! But we got a week off in July! So Ryan and I decided to take a mini-vacay to San Antonio!

We love going to San Antonio! It's far enough away, but close enough to get to when you want a get away. We stayed in an awesome hotel with a roof top pool. We were quick to get out to the pool! Our hotel was right on the Riverwalk so we enjoyed dinners on the Riverwalk. :) Ryan was excited to have a Beer Rita...I, on the other hand, just felt nauseous...but we really did not know why! So I stuck with water...and couldn't hardly eat my meals. hmmm...

We did all the typical touristy things & enjoyed every minute of it! We went on the Riverwalk Tour Boat & visited the Alamo. Since we were here for the 4th of July the Alamo had some neat festivities going on...We especially enjoyed the fireworks show on the rooftop of our hotel!

The last time we were in San Antonio we really wanted to go to Sea World, but thought it was too expensive, and we would save it for when we had children to take. Well thanks to our friends, The Perkins, who have season passes...we got to go to Sea World!! I've never been so excited!! We seriously had THE BEST TIME!! We went to to EVERY show & enjoyed every minute of it! It was an exhausting day, but well worth it!! We even fed the dolphins & sea lions! I think the dolphins were Ryan's favorite & the sea lions were mine!

Our last night was spent with one of Ryan's cousins & her husband...Dana & Paul. We always love spending time with them! They took us to a yumm-o restaraunt where we also had some yumm-o margaritas...when in Rome, right? Again...little did I know... ;) The smell of this fish would soon make me VERY sick! ;)

On a side note:: We have not been in San Antonio since my last post! We've been home...enjoying our last few months together of just the two of us! More to come!!