November 20, 2012


So I know this isn't new news for y'all, but I wanted to share exactly how this day went! The day of finding out...not the day of when it happened. ;) You can read the anniversary post for that one. ;) haha!

We were ready for a baby so this was a surprise in the sense that I had taken about um...20-30 test prior to this! Exaggerating completely but for the past couple of months I was waiting...

When we got back from San Antonio we were getting ready for the reception for friends of ours. I had been helping with getting everything ready so I was busy, busy, busy! I needed to go to Target to get their wedding gift so I thought...may as well get a test...just for fun! I didn't even tell Ryan I got one until I was home for a while then told him I was going to go take it.

For the longest time I had this plan of how I was going to tell him: Thanks to Full House! I was going to make a meal with BABY back ribs, BABY carrots, BABY corn, etc...instead...I ran out of the bathroom kicking and screaming!!

I was a lot more relaxed with this one...I didn't hover over it waiting for it to say "Not Pregnant" since that's what I was so used to seeing. I just walked around the house doing stuff for the reception...THEN I went into the bathroom & saw it!!

Telling this story makes me relive it, and I love it! The excitement I feel inside is making me smile like that day was yesterday! Ryan and I were hugging & crying! I then began planning how we would tell our families! While I did that Ryan had to go out & get 5 more tests! Just to be sure!! Here's a pic of 4 of them...there were 7 of them!

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