November 20, 2012

Telling the Families...

The Christmas before we were married...while we were engaged & wedding planning I gave my dad Father of the Bride as a gift...this was a movie he and I always related to as far as the relationship between father & daughter so this gift was something that reminded us of that relationship while we planned for a wedding! When I made this purchase I went ahead & bought Father of the Bride Part 2 (where they are pregnant)...for the future!

Fortunately my parents had planned on coming over the night we found out we were expecting. So I wrapped up the movie (along with their San Antonio souvenirs)...They thought they were opening just a bag of souvenirs, but then found the took my dad quite a while to "get" what we were trying to tell him here!

I had to remind him...I gave him part 1 when we were planning for a now I'm giving you part 2 because...we're planning for...then my mom got it!...for a baby!! They were so ecstatic!

We planned to meet Ryan's mom & brother out for dinner in Dallas. "Just because we hadn't seen them in a while..."mmm hmmm! I stood between the both of them so Ryan could get a picture of the 3 of us...he said, "1, 2, 3, say: I'm going to be a grandma & uncle!!" They were shocked & very excited!!

We weren't able to meet up with Ryan's dad to tell him, but we were able to send him this...I had some bleeding that was a little scary so I got a picture earlier than at this point "it" just looked like a blob!

We did get to see Ryan's dad & Pap Pap just a few days after & got to tell Pap Pap too! I know everybody and every website tells you not to tell anybody until you're at least 12 weeks...just in case...our thoughts were the people we told in the beginning were the people closest to us, and we knew they would be praying for us...

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