November 20, 2012

Going FBO!

That stands for Facebook Official for those who don't know. ;)

We wanted to make sure that we told a few before posting to the world of Facebook. Which included my school family. :) and Ryan's brotherhood at the fire station. :)

I had started professional developments, and was needing to use the restroom quite a bit. I was also eating many snacks throughout the day to prevent nausea, and starting to get a little baby bump! So I knew it was time to tell!

By this point we had our big appointment where they drew blood, did a sonogram, and prepared us for the next couple months! So while at lunch with my team we were all sharing what we did over the summer...I said: "Look what I did this summer! Made a baby!"

We went FBO with this announcement, and received many well wishes and congratulations. :) Even though I didn't get to see all my FB friends & family members often it was a nice way to share our news with them!

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