November 20, 2012

Where Have We Been?!

Quite Busy!! My last post was about our 1 year anniversary so I'll pick up right where I left off!

I was hired to teach Summer School this past summer--yay! (New Floors--I'll get into that later!) Summer School started at the end of June and went through August! But we got a week off in July! So Ryan and I decided to take a mini-vacay to San Antonio!

We love going to San Antonio! It's far enough away, but close enough to get to when you want a get away. We stayed in an awesome hotel with a roof top pool. We were quick to get out to the pool! Our hotel was right on the Riverwalk so we enjoyed dinners on the Riverwalk. :) Ryan was excited to have a Beer Rita...I, on the other hand, just felt nauseous...but we really did not know why! So I stuck with water...and couldn't hardly eat my meals. hmmm...

We did all the typical touristy things & enjoyed every minute of it! We went on the Riverwalk Tour Boat & visited the Alamo. Since we were here for the 4th of July the Alamo had some neat festivities going on...We especially enjoyed the fireworks show on the rooftop of our hotel!

The last time we were in San Antonio we really wanted to go to Sea World, but thought it was too expensive, and we would save it for when we had children to take. Well thanks to our friends, The Perkins, who have season passes...we got to go to Sea World!! I've never been so excited!! We seriously had THE BEST TIME!! We went to to EVERY show & enjoyed every minute of it! It was an exhausting day, but well worth it!! We even fed the dolphins & sea lions! I think the dolphins were Ryan's favorite & the sea lions were mine!

Our last night was spent with one of Ryan's cousins & her husband...Dana & Paul. We always love spending time with them! They took us to a yumm-o restaraunt where we also had some yumm-o margaritas...when in Rome, right? Again...little did I know... ;) The smell of this fish would soon make me VERY sick! ;)

On a side note:: We have not been in San Antonio since my last post! We've been home...enjoying our last few months together of just the two of us! More to come!!

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