May 8, 2012

Seeking Approval

This post isn't as profound as it may sound to be. It's actually quite silly. For now, I write dinner!

I was never much interested in being in the kitchen. My mom can testify to that. But now that I have a loving husband to cook for--I love it!

I love planning meals, going to the grocery store, and cooking! But I'm always seeking approval if it's ok or not!

If Ryan has been honest with me there hasn't been 1 thing he didn't like. I anxiously stare at him before he takes the first bite to see his reaction.

As soon as dinner is over...I call my mom! To tell her about the delicious meal I just served and how much Ryan liked it! Then I try to convince her to make it!

We chuckle over people taking pictures of their food, but I do it too! Haha! So here's last night dinner that I slaved all day over! ;)

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