May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

If you know me well...or hardly at all know I like to talk! And since this is like talking for me I could ramble for a while...I'll try not to do that so I keep you interested!

Friday: The week at school was a LONG one! I needed a good Friday night! Ryder and I went for a walk while Ryan relaxed after playing golf all day. Olive Garden recently opened in Rockwall so that's where we went for dinner! We LOVE Olive Garden! It was a nice evening for the 2 of us to spend some uninterrupted time together...we've needed that...
Saturday: Ryan was off to work at Watauga. The pup and I were pretty lazy most of the morning, but then it was time to get busy! Believe it or not I was anxious to have a day like Saturday where I could clean house and get stuff done! I was looking forward to that...In the process of cleaning I was going through the CDs of our wedding photos, finding my favorites, and posting them to Facebook. I know, I know...we've almost been married a year and I'm just now doing this. The truth is I loved so many of the photos when I first saw them that it was hard to decide so I put it off until I REALLY had the time to go through them. My list keeps getting shorter and shorter on ones I want to have prints/canvases made...

I also got a digital photo frame from my parents for Christmas (again, really late of me, I know!). I wanted to choose my favorite wedding photos to go on the frame so I was able to do if I can figure out why the pictures aren't showing on the frame. :(

**Big News** Our good friends, Marcia and Kris, welcomed a sweet baby boy into this world. Hayden Kristopher was born 05/06/12 at 6:04 AM! CONGRATULATIONS DUNN/FERGUSON FAMILY!

Sunday: Ryan came home from work, after stopping at Starbucks for us of course!, picked me up and we went to church. Ryan had to be at work at his part time job at 11 so we missed Life Group, again! :( Big church was good though! Did you know you can go to our church from your home?! Join our internet campus for a good message each week! Go here for more info and to join!

My mom and dad came to visit Sunday afternoon. :) It was nice to visit with them, and Ryan was a little sad he missed out. He stayed super busy at RUC though! Dad's 1st project was to hang the mirror from our dresser on a wall in our bedroom. I've been wanting this done since the mirror was being blocked by our tv on the dresser. Now we want to mount the tv! Since Dad won't be here for my birthday they brought me birthday presents too! (It's NEXT Monday aahh!!) I've been wanting roosters for my kitchen since they're good luck. :) And the ones they got me are perfect!

Ryan and I had a nice healthy version of Chicken Parmesan Sunday night. Yum, yum! You can find the recipe here. Cheers!

Have a great week!!


  1. It was great being with you Angela - sorry we missed Ryan

  2. Time to update for this weekend.
    Be safe and good to one another - love, respect, kind, patient, ...
    And remember; I love you dearly