May 8, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...and Tuesday

...and Wednesday-Sunday!

Ryan's schedule this week is much busier than mine, but they're both (thankfully) full. I say thankfully because most of it is things to do with our jobs, and rather than looking at it as a stressful's a positive thing!

Ryan played in a golf tournament yesterday with a team from his part time job at RUC. They got 6th place. I asked, out of how many teams? 6? Haha! 50! So way to go team RUC!

Spring time means baby time! No...not for us! But for chickens in the 1st grade hall at school. It's a fun way To teach life cycles. It's also exciting for the kids. Excited 7 year olds=crazy days.

I was recognized tonight at the RISD awards receiving my 5 year pin. Mom and Dad were there as my support! Dad's hootin' an' hollerin' and Mom's clappin' an' smilin' show me how proud they are of me. :) Thanks for being there!


  1. Who recognized you at the event?
    and why is there a chick on the hot plate? Joey & Chandler would die...

    1. Haha! I didn't know how to say it. LOL. Ohhhh Joey & Chandler!