September 1, 2013

Prestyn's 5th Month's August so Mommy has started working again. :( BREAKS MY HEART!! Oh baby girl any time I'm away from you I miss you SO much!!

Although I do have to say that on a positive note I'm excited about the new school year in a new school. I'm excited about your babysitter. I'm excited for the growth and milestones that are ahead! 

This summer with you has been SO nice! We were able to get into a good routine. We'll just set a new routine! We spent most Wednesday afternoons at breast feeding group then our weekly trip to target! Mondays were usually our grocery shopping days! I know it won't be long before these 2 trips don't excite you as much. So Mommy tries to make the best of it by finding you a new toy to play with while we shop then we buy it! 

Mommy's favorite toys to buy you are the V-Tech toys and Baby Einstein toys. Your favorite toys to play with though are the linking rings! Pretty much anything you can put in your mouth!

**I'm a bad mommy & have been SO busy working that I haven't finished your month 5 I'm going to try to post about what happened in the past month rather than think about what's been happening lately since that's month 6! :)

You are such a big girl now, and can now ride in the stroller without the carseat! We've had fun strapping you in the jogging stroller, and taking you for rides around the neighborhood. Mommy has especially loved being able to walk you to her new school! Also, since it's been so hot lately it's cooler for you to ride in the stroller rather than in the carseat then in the stroller. Mommy has HAD to do lots of shopping lately so you've enjoyed people watching, and shopping with Mommy!
You have begun to HATE the nasal aspirator. Not that you ever liked it, but I have to sort of hold you down to get boogers sucked out! It's been even more difficult lately since you're actually sick. :( But I'll have to blog about your 1st cold in my 1st Week of School post. :) Coming soon!!
You are just a ROLLY POLEY! Yes you have rolls on your arms and legs, but you roll all over the place! You have figured out that rolling gets you places! So you roll and/or scoot to get where you want to go! Either to mommy or daddy or to find a new toy!

Well you certainly know who Mommy & Daddy are. We first experienced you being terrified and screaming STRANGER DANGER on the 4th of July...It continued when somebody would pick you up from playing, from bed, or just anybody who Mommy or Daddy didn't hand you too. Thankfully this isn't as bad as it still have your moments though when you prefer Mommy or Daddy to hold you. :) We secretly like this :)  

You began going to Mrs. Amber's house a couple weeks before you turned 5 months. You're doing awesome there! I really think being around the other kids helps your development. Mrs. Amber just LOVES on you & you just love it! You're always happy to see Mommy or Daddy when we pick you up, and we're SO happy to see you! I miss you when you're there, but Mrs. Amber is so great, and texts me pictures & sweet messages about your day. :)  

You're still in a size 2 diaper. You have outgrown all 0-3 and 3 month clothes. You wear size 3-6 months. :) Growing girl!

Oh & since it's an odd month you didn't have a well visit, but you were weighed when Daddy took you in when you were sick. You weigh 14 lbs. 4 oz. You've almost doubled your weight!

I love you P!


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