August 1, 2013

What to Pack for the Hospital!

This is more for my soon to be mommy friends, but also for myself for the next time around!

I researched the perfect hospital bag and took advice from friends, but after my own experience there were still some things I needed that thankfully my mom went out and got me!

So here are the necessities!:

-toothbrush & toothpaste

-everything for a shower...including a razor because you're going to want to feel as "normal" as possible when you're finally able to take a shower!

-hair ties, hair clips, bobby pins, anything to keep your hair up & out of your face!

-make-up...just the essentials'll pretty much just feel like putting on powder, mascara, and lip gloss. Ya gotta look good for pictures!

-gowns that you can easily nurse in...not necessarily nursing gowns since those are expensive, but ones with buttons in the front so you can easily nurse. And lightweight gowns! I got so hot! I had a pretty set of button up, pant pjs that were light weight, but I was still so hot!

-stretchy house shoes that you don't mind wearing around the hospital. I say stretchy because my feet were so swollen they would not have fit in tight ones.

-socks...Yes even though I was hot I wanted socks to try to hide my super swollen feet. :(

-nursing pillow

-neck pillow. Thankfully Ryan took his so I used it...I was too sore to completely lay flat to sleep so I slept sitting up a little. I was able to do this with a neck pillow. :)

-a maxi dress to go home in. I packed a velour suit and had to have a c-section so this was SO uncomfortable to wear home! A maxi dress would have been most comfortable either way.

-now as far as shoes to wear home...I don't know! I packed flip flops, but my feet were too swollen to put them on...I wore my house shoes home!

What to pack for the baby!

-Swaddle Me's...since they're easy & that's what you'll be using at home!

-gowns and matching hats for the baby to wear while in the hospital

-footed PJs & matching hat for the baby to wear home...I packed a gown & this was difficult with the car seat...

-pacifiers. Our hospital doesn't provide pacificers since it's suggested they're not used until 4 weeks once breastfeeding is well established. I had planned on waiting the 4 weeks, but I'm glad I packed them because Prestyn needed one to get home! I packed a couple different kinds & of course she took the green soothie kind. :)

-noise'll help the baby sleep!

-a pretty blanket to wrap the baby in. :)

**There's of course the "duh" items like your camera, Husband's stuff, etc.**
What not to pack:
-a bra! you won't wear it!
-panties. you'll be most comfortable in the kind the hospital provides
-pads. they'll provide those too!
-reading material. 1. you won't have time. 2. when you do have time to do anything else you'll want to get caught up on respond to people's texts and FB messages. ;)

I think that's all I can think of! I'll add more if I think of more!


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  1. Good list friend! There were so many things I packed and never used!