September 16, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part IV

Dear Prestyn,

Mommy hasn't blogged in a while, and there has been so much going on with you! I didn't think just because I went back to work that it would be fair for you not to have these precious moments documented!

Since I've gone back to work you're not napping as good for me and Daddy. :( You nap great for Miss Amber during the's so hard not to give in on the weekends, and let you nap in our arms since those are the only full 2 days I get with you...

You officially had your first illness... I'm pretty sure you're completely over it now, but you're still taking antibiotics. Daddy took you to the doctor the week I went back to school since you're nose was very stuff and you were coughing, but they said it was just a cold & would run it's course...well 2 weeks is long enough so when you woke up with a slight fever one morning Mommy took off work to take you to the doctor!

We didn't get to see your pediatrician so I didn't feel quite as comfortable talking with the one we did she didn't really diagnose you...I think she thought it was silly that we were bringing you in...but I'm glad we did!

That night your fever got higher...I gave you Tylenol then checked your temperature an hour later & it was higher! That was super scary for Mommy since Daddy was at work. I'm so thankful for your favorite nurse Cyndi who was texting with Mommy & telling me what to do...

Since I took that day off I couldn't take the next day off...thankfully you're Papa was able to come stay with you. He took such good care of you! He knew you didn't feel well. :( That day was September 11th so Daddy participated in First Responders' Day at my school so Papa was with you most of the seemed to be doing a little better, and slowly, but surely have been acting more and more like yourself...

You are crawling baby girl! I call it crawling! Maybe it's scooting, but I think that's what you were doing when you started you do what some may call "army crawling". It's so cute! And you're all over the place! And boy can you move fast! You've gone from the living room rug to the kitchen to find Mommy & Daddy.

You are quite attached to us...which is a good feeling. :) You might be a little too attached since you must miss us during the night & still wake up to nurse! ;) I love you though, and know you won't go to college waking to nurse! So I'm not worried!

I can't remember if I already blogged about your 2 teeth, but you have 2 on the bottom that came at the same time! Crazy!! Thankfully you haven't bit Mommy while nursing, but you have bitten my finger pretty hard! It hurts!!

I miss you when you're at the sitter, but so thankful to whomever is watching you: Daddy, Miss Amber, or Papa...they send me pictures and videos of you!

I love you my sweet P! Sleep tight!

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