August 3, 2014

Family Vacay Getaway!

Growing up our summer vacations were always to go visit family. I mean they are called family vacations, right?! This was totally fine with me! Maybe because I didn't know any different? Ryan and I took our little trip to Galveston this summer with just the 2 of us, but we wanted to go on a trip with P! So we went to La Vernia to visit family! Dana is Ryan's cousin, but I consider her my cousin & BFF too! We always have so much fun together!

We decided to leave in the evening hoping that Prestyn would sleep...after we got some dinner, and she was getting cranky with all the toys it was time to give some Melatonin! ...don't judge! Melatonin is an all natural sleep aid. They make it for babies Prestyn's age. I was nervous at first, but it was fine & safe! It's not like something we do all the time, but it did help!

Prestyn slept most of the way...she woke up for the last couple hours, but was really good. I kept a bag of tricks on the floor board in front me. I bought toys she had never seen before, and would entertain her with those, snacks, and the iPad! I guess there really isn't a secret to traveling with a toddler, but having new toys was exciting for her!

Once we got there the Clevelands' were still going strong! We let P play with the girls for a while then it was time to go to bed! I think I finally went to bed at 2 AM after chatting with Paul & Dana all night! I was hurtin' the next morning, but it was worth it to catch up! I haven't stayed up that late in a LONG time! Thankfully Prestyn slept until 9!

So the next day was our zoo day. I already blogged about that. We were all pretty tired after the zoo so once P went to bed we watched a movie! BRIDESMAIDS! Y'all! Watch Bridesmaids with 3 4th graders and you'll never laugh harder! We had so much fun quoting that movie over and over again to go with any situation!

We planned on chilling the next day. That's what vacations are for! Relaxing! After a yummy breakfast, Prestyn took a nap, and we were all ready to party in the pool! We had fun dancing and singing to old music, and watching the girls go down the slide! Once Prestyn woke up from her nap she was ready to go in the pooo! She got in their pooo several times actually! They had the perfect little area for her to splash around, and have fun!

It's seriously so hard to put this weekend into words. It may have been short, but so many wonderful memories were made. It was so fun to see P interacting with the Cleveland Girls! They had so much fun with her, and she had so much fun with them! Oh! And their cat...P really wants a cat, and this momma really wants to give her one...but after a confirmed visit to the allergist it is confirmed that I am allergic so in his words, "that would be a bad idea!"

We are so blessed to be a part of such a welcoming and heart wearming family. We felt like we were at home with the Clevelands! And really enjoyed our time away. :) ...until next time!

She was seriously in the pool so much I finally said forget all the cute suits! ;)

Me and my sweet girl enjoying our time together :)

Audrey and Avery with P

P ready to play with Cat. In the cute outfit the Clevelands got her. :)

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