March 13, 2014

Spring Break Day 4

After 24 plus hours away I was really missing Ryan and ready for him to come home! Prestyn was too! We had a nice breakfast (which I'll post about next!) 

We had planned for today to be a family day. We just weren't sure what to do until I saw a post on one of my mommy groups about the Gentle Zoo in Forney! It's a petting zoo and so much more! 

P slept on the way there. It was so sweet. But then since she was still sleepy she wanted us to hold her the whole time! 

I was proud of how brave she was to want to pet the llamas, goats, horse, and pig! The chickens were a little crazy. The emu was a little scary, and Ryan scared us into not getting near the tortoises. 

The sand box was fun, but my favorite part about that was when we got home...I was nursing her, took off her shoes, and was dusting the sand off her feet. It must've tickled because she was just a giggling! 

I think well definitely go back to the Gentle Zoo and maybe next time be able to ride the tractor! 

It was another beautiful day out! P and I walked to the park so she could swing then walked back. We hoped to go get frozen yogurt after dinner, and take it to Daddy at the station. P had a different plan. 

She didn't nap much today so after pooping in the bathtub AGAIN she went straight to bed! Good night friends!! 

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