March 10, 2014

Spring Break Day 1

Last year at this time we were doing all we could to get baby Prestyn out! Here we are a year later, and enjoying this week with our sweet P! 

We woke up this morning ready to rock 'n' roll! We played so much that P took a 2 hour nap before we even left the house! Once she woke up I quickly got her ready to go bye bye. 

We met my sweet friend, Meghan, and her daughter, Saylor, at Chick Fil A. The girls were so cute interacting. We ate then were off to the park! 

We went to Harry Meyers. It was quite crowded so we didn't get to swing or anything but we did look at the dogs and P said dog over and over again. 

After getting home P and I were ready for an hour nap then it was time to go have fun with Daddy! We went to Firewheel Mall. P had fun in their little play area, and just walking around enjoying the beautiful day! 

We visited the children's section of Barnes and noble and left with a new book! Then it was time to make it to our appt at Sweet and Sassy to get P's ear pierced! I was so nervous, but she did so good!! 

We chose her birthstone, aquamarine, as the earrings. So pretty and sparkly and match her eyes! 

P enjoyed her dinner outsude while Daddy grilled. Then she completed the making memories part of the day by pooping in the bath tub! 1st time for everything! 

It was a wonderful day!! 

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