March 13, 2014

Spring Break Day 2

Ryan and I planned to take this day for ourselves! So we took P to the babysitter so we could have a date day! 

After dropping P off I went to the grocery store. Alone. This is huge. It was enjoyable. Then we got ready to go play golf! If you know me you know I'm not athletic at all. So no...not real golf but Top Golf! If you've never been it's so fun! It's a fun driving range that has games you play. 

We played 3 games and Ryan won them all! Maybe I let him. Or maybe I'm just terrible! We also had lunch and cocktails out there which is always delicious! 

We decided to rest a bit at home before getting P. It was such a beautiful day I took P for a walk and Ryan went for a jog. 

We went to play at Gabie & Sophie's house! We had fun playing on the slide, and with bubbles. I think P's most favorite part was seeing all the dogs since she said dog over and over again. 

That evening Ryan and I went to ReEngage at church while Nonna and Gee babysat. They had so much fun with P, and were looking forward to going back to ReEngage! 

Another wonderful day with my loves! 

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