March 3, 2012

Romantic Wine Night

Well...Husband has been reading "our" blog and took a tip!

Ryan created an event in his calendar titled Romantic Wine Night. He added me to invitee and I accepted!

The plan was to have dinner at home then go to KE Cellars Winery.

::Side Note:: Ryan was "hired" to volunteer for the Fate Fire Department. This was a longer process than just signing up to volunteer. It really makes you have more respect for volunteer departments, and I'm very proud of Ryan for getting on.

So Friday Ryan spent most of the day at the fire station. He decided we would go out for dinner since he didn't have time to go to the g store. :)

We had dinner at Campisi's. The pizza we shared was yummy! And even though this was a "Romantic Wine Night" we each had a beer that my mom suggested!

::Another Side Note:: When you schedule a date night--you stick to your schedule! That's what makes it special. Nothing can get in the way.

While we were getting ready, Ryan's brother, Justin, texted to see what we were doing. We haven't seen Justin since Christmas!

Ryan and I had a nice dinner date and a super nice wine double date with Justin and his friend Katie. :)

So the night was still romantic and we still had some wine. But we also had a great time!


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