March 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Maybe knowing I didn't have to work for a week made this weekend more enjoyable. Or maybe it was just the incredible time with Husband. :)

Friday::Husband was working. I went to dinner with my Big from Chi O. Who by the way is the best big ever!! We went to Luna, which still takes the cake for the worst service. :/ I keep giving it chances and keep leaving disappointed! I, however, was not disappointed with the option to order 3 mini-margaritas to sample for the price of 1! The evening was filled with good conversation and catching up. :)

Saturday::The day was a bit lazy. Maybe the rainy weather? Or again, knowing I didn't have to work for a week! Nonetheless the laziness was appreciated! We then got ready for a night out with our good friends, Layn and Jess! Dinner @ Hooters complete with balloon animals. Then a winning game with the Dallas Stars complete with noise makers!

Sunday::Daylight Saving Time! We overslept and missed church. Then realized it was time to quickly get ready to go to the FC Dallas game. We had so much fun with some friends from my school. :)

Our weekend was complete with a homemade dinner & movie.

Cheers to a great week!

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