March 31, 2015

Old News

It's not old news that we had another baby 4 days again, but I have some old news to catch up on. I've been feeling lots of mommy guilt lately. And rather than seek uplifting or talk myself out of it I decided to blog! In 20 years Prestyn will be able to look back and read about her life. I haven't written much about her since she turned 1 and now she's already 2 so I thought an old news blog was due! 

Prestyn amazes us everyday. It's hard to even pinpoint all the fabulous things she does! I am really looking forward to this summer as I think Prestyn will enjoy the ABCs of summer even more! She can sing her ABCs, and enjoys guessing letters on Wheel of Fortune! She can also spell her name. I'll say, let's spell Prestyn...we start with P then she says the rest! She's so smart she kisses her brain! 

Prestyn loves books and loves to read! She has favorites...brown bear, brown bear, what do you see and best ever big sister. When she sees words/letters on ANYTHING (even the writing on the door of the she says her ABCs. So she knows the connection! 

She has pretty much memorized the brown bear book. It's so cute to hear her read it. It's helped teach her colors too! She's definitely a girly girl. Her favorite colors are pink and purple! 

Speaking of how smart Miss Smarty Pants is...she can count 1-10 in English and 1-5 in Spanish. We are so thankful for Mrs. Amber teaching her these things including her right and left! 

Prestyn has shown me that she has so much patience! She has taken on being a big sister like a pro! She asks for baby Pierce every time she wakes up. She loves to hug him and kiss him. And while momma is tending to him she is content. But this girl has a memory! As soon as we're done with whatever she asks again for what she wants. Usually going outside go jump other trampoline! So fun! I can't wait until Pierce is old enough to play with her but for now I'll savor these moments. 😊

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