February 26, 2012

Get Creative!!

Think about it...before you were married and you were in the dating phase::did you sit around, cook dinner, and say, "let's call this a date, k?"?

Well I sure hope not! Most likely in the early stages of dating you flirted. You probably hinted to wanting a date and waiting for somebody to ask. One probably called the other and said something like, "would you like to go in a date with me?"

Hehehe. Even thinking about us first dating makes me blush. 😊

So get creative on how you ask your spouse on a date. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you'd like! Just vary it...

We started out creating e-vites and sending to each other. Anxiously awaiting for the other to reply: yes, no, or maybe!

I'm loving the invitee option on events on my iPhone calendar.

Write a little post it note asking your spouse on a date. Create an invite with a date night theme and leave it in your spouse's car. Invite your spouse on a date, but each day of the week give them hints to what the date entails.

Just keep it fun from the moment you ask your date out! 😉

February 19, 2012

Date Nights

My husband loves when I blog about our daily lives. For being just us--our lives our quite eventful.

My last blog was about our rehearsal. I still have many blogs to write about the wedding and honeymoon. That's what kept me from blogging about what's happening now!

I'll do that one day when he's working. ;)

My friend, Courtney, told me I should blog about our date nights. So...here I am!

In the Purposeful Engagement class we took our church they emphasized the importance of date night. We've continued this WEEKLY!

The significance of date night is HUGE in your marriage. Now I know we're not as seasoned as most, but I can say that weeks are much better with an intentional date night.

When I say intentional I mean there is a purpose. It's not just a dinner out or at home called date night. There has to be something you want to get out of that specific date night.

I have chosen to serve in the Home Pointe Center at our church. We serve members who are looking for resources to build their families and marriages around Christ. We're not a counseling center but I can testify how important date nights are for our marriage.

So my plan is to share our date nights and their purpose. I do have to confess that the home pointe center has begun their new campaign called Rekindled. In the kit we were given lots of date night ideas. So most of what I'll be blogging will be ideas from them. :)

I encourage you to have at least a twice a month date night with your spouse.