February 26, 2012

Get Creative!!

Think about it...before you were married and you were in the dating phase::did you sit around, cook dinner, and say, "let's call this a date, k?"?

Well I sure hope not! Most likely in the early stages of dating you flirted. You probably hinted to wanting a date and waiting for somebody to ask. One probably called the other and said something like, "would you like to go in a date with me?"

Hehehe. Even thinking about us first dating makes me blush. 😊

So get creative on how you ask your spouse on a date. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you'd like! Just vary it...

We started out creating e-vites and sending to each other. Anxiously awaiting for the other to reply: yes, no, or maybe!

I'm loving the invitee option on events on my iPhone calendar.

Write a little post it note asking your spouse on a date. Create an invite with a date night theme and leave it in your spouse's car. Invite your spouse on a date, but each day of the week give them hints to what the date entails.

Just keep it fun from the moment you ask your date out! 😉

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