April 21, 2014

Prestyn's 12th Month

So today marks Prestyn's 13th month. Do even still count that? When people ask how old she is do I still say 1 or do I say 13 months? I think 18 months is important and then 2 years...but I think to say all the months in between is annoying.

Anyway...I figured I should probably blog about her 12th month! I'll also do a post about her birthday party. :) Which I still haven't finished thank you cards for...there's no time! There's never any time! I write a few a day, but I'll get them done soon!

Anyway so lots is going on with our little over achiever. She now consistently sleeps through the night!! About 10-12 hours...just depending...sometimes she wakes up and cries for a little bit, but then she goes right back to sleep. She has now realized how glorious sleep is that she does not like to wake up early in the morning. She likes to wake up on her own around 7:30 or 8. Which she does on the weekends...but during the week...I let her sleep as late as possible, but when this momma needs to get this baby dressed & off to Mrs. Amber's so she can go to work...I mean business! Most mornings she isn't happy with me. She still cries when I drop her off at Amber's...but not for long...

So blogging is my outlet...today was a rough day with little miss P so I'll try to focus on the positive! She is such a happy baby! Most of the time! She loves to walk/run around!! She loves being chased and chasing others. Prestyn loves to be outside. She loves to swing, ride in her wagon, play in her sandbox, and water table. She also loves to play with her ba-ba (baby), and loves any kind of duck or dog.

Depending on the time Prestyn wakes up she naps either morning and afternoon or just 1 long 3 hour nap. Either way she gets about 3 hours of nap time a day. :) It's nice! It is getting nicer that she's able to stay awake longer too...sometimes even 9 o'clock! That's pushing it, but bedtime is between 7:30-8.

Our sweet girl also says: pease (please) for anything she wants. She knows that is the polite way to ask for something, and will more than likely give her what she wants.. ;) She sometimes says tank you (thank you) too. :) Prestyn has 10 teeth!! 4 on top and bottom in the middle and 2 molars on the bottom.

Our little chunk a monk is loving some cows milk! It's really added to her buddha belly. :) But I think it's cute! She also likes yogurt, all fruit, french toast, waffles, any kind of chicken, any kind of pasta, quesedillas, fish, pretty much anything!...except vegetables...we're still working on that...oh! and she eats eggs now too! Her favorite snacks are veggie straws & fruit snacks.

Because she's growing so much she wears sizes 12-18 month clothes. She's still in size 3 diapers, but I think we'll move up to size 4 soon. I don't have her doctor stats because that was a tough day at the doctor. We took Prestyn for her well visit, and ending up leaving with an antibiotic and ear drops for an ear infection! So she still needs to go in for her shots.. :( Her weight and height were right around the 50th percentile, but her head was in the 80th percentile! Dr. Drake even had to measure her head again to make sure that was right! haha! And it was!

The 12 month photo session was fun! Here are a few :)

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