March 13, 2014

What's for Breakfast??::Breakfast Pizzas

Well after the holidays I put on some of the weight I had lost. It happens. But I will wear a bikini this summer and I will be comfortable in it. So I joined Weight Watchers again! 

I've already lost 1.5 lbs in the 1st week! Slow and steady wins the race! 

So I made a yummy breakfast this morning that Ryan loved, and it was super easy. 

Cook frozen peppers and onions in a skillet. Then add 2 eggs for 2 people (1 for 1 person). Scramble in the pan. Add a little salt and pepper. 

Slice English muffins in half. Lay a tomato slice on each half. Then spoon eggs over it. Top with shredded cheese. 

Broil on high until cheese melts and muffin is toasty! Yum! 

6 points plus 

Spring Break Day 4

After 24 plus hours away I was really missing Ryan and ready for him to come home! Prestyn was too! We had a nice breakfast (which I'll post about next!) 

We had planned for today to be a family day. We just weren't sure what to do until I saw a post on one of my mommy groups about the Gentle Zoo in Forney! It's a petting zoo and so much more! 

P slept on the way there. It was so sweet. But then since she was still sleepy she wanted us to hold her the whole time! 

I was proud of how brave she was to want to pet the llamas, goats, horse, and pig! The chickens were a little crazy. The emu was a little scary, and Ryan scared us into not getting near the tortoises. 

The sand box was fun, but my favorite part about that was when we got home...I was nursing her, took off her shoes, and was dusting the sand off her feet. It must've tickled because she was just a giggling! 

I think well definitely go back to the Gentle Zoo and maybe next time be able to ride the tractor! 

It was another beautiful day out! P and I walked to the park so she could swing then walked back. We hoped to go get frozen yogurt after dinner, and take it to Daddy at the station. P had a different plan. 

She didn't nap much today so after pooping in the bathtub AGAIN she went straight to bed! Good night friends!! 

Spring Break Day 3

This was a day I decided to take all for myself. Ryan was working so after I had my coffee I took P to the sitter. 

I then had a wonderful massage! Did some light shopping. Rested at home while watching Desperate Housewives and cleaning up. I was so anxious to her P! 

We went to the party store to get a few things for her party. 

It was a simple day but I enjoyed it! 

The End 

Spring Break Day 2

Ryan and I planned to take this day for ourselves! So we took P to the babysitter so we could have a date day! 

After dropping P off I went to the grocery store. Alone. This is huge. It was enjoyable. Then we got ready to go play golf! If you know me you know I'm not athletic at all. So no...not real golf but Top Golf! If you've never been it's so fun! It's a fun driving range that has games you play. 

We played 3 games and Ryan won them all! Maybe I let him. Or maybe I'm just terrible! We also had lunch and cocktails out there which is always delicious! 

We decided to rest a bit at home before getting P. It was such a beautiful day I took P for a walk and Ryan went for a jog. 

We went to play at Gabie & Sophie's house! We had fun playing on the slide, and with bubbles. I think P's most favorite part was seeing all the dogs since she said dog over and over again. 

That evening Ryan and I went to ReEngage at church while Nonna and Gee babysat. They had so much fun with P, and were looking forward to going back to ReEngage! 

Another wonderful day with my loves! 

March 10, 2014

Spring Break Day 1

Last year at this time we were doing all we could to get baby Prestyn out! Here we are a year later, and enjoying this week with our sweet P! 

We woke up this morning ready to rock 'n' roll! We played so much that P took a 2 hour nap before we even left the house! Once she woke up I quickly got her ready to go bye bye. 

We met my sweet friend, Meghan, and her daughter, Saylor, at Chick Fil A. The girls were so cute interacting. We ate then were off to the park! 

We went to Harry Meyers. It was quite crowded so we didn't get to swing or anything but we did look at the dogs and P said dog over and over again. 

After getting home P and I were ready for an hour nap then it was time to go have fun with Daddy! We went to Firewheel Mall. P had fun in their little play area, and just walking around enjoying the beautiful day! 

We visited the children's section of Barnes and noble and left with a new book! Then it was time to make it to our appt at Sweet and Sassy to get P's ear pierced! I was so nervous, but she did so good!! 

We chose her birthstone, aquamarine, as the earrings. So pretty and sparkly and match her eyes! 

P enjoyed her dinner outsude while Daddy grilled. Then she completed the making memories part of the day by pooping in the bath tub! 1st time for everything! 

It was a wonderful day!! 

March 3, 2014

Prestyn's 11th Month

I want to begin this post with waaaaaa! But instead of crying I will embrace the fact that we have enjoyed Prestyn Reese for 11 months already! Hard to believe she's almost a year! Time is moving so quickly! It's hard to even remember everything that's happened this last month! I'll do my best!

Allergies, colds, sinuses, etc. have been kickin' our booties around here! P can't seem to fight it! Then add teething on top of that! Speaking of teeth...this overachiever got all 4 of her top teeth at the same time! I think 2 bottom are making their way soon. She has a total of 4 teeth. Thankfully she isn't using these to bite me anymore! Ouch!! But she has figured out how she can take bites of food rather than stuff it all in her mouth.

Prestyn pretty much eats everything we eat. Her favorites are: bananas, yogurt, cottage cheese, refried beans, quesedillas, pasta, and Cheeto Puffs!She started getting 1 ounce of Organic Whole Cow's milk to 3 ounces of breastmilk. This week we'll do 2 and 2. This week is my last week of pumping. P only wants to nurse before bed's bittersweet...

We still aren't sleeping through the night every night...but I'm ok with that...she's only going to need me like this for a short time. This time is shorter when compared to the rest of her I'm just taking it all in. P wakes up for the day around 6:30. Waking to nurse around 2...sometimes she'll sleep until 5:30, nurse, and go back to sleep.

Prestyn is walking around! She enjoys playing, but really could just walk around & follow us everywhere all day...she doesn't even crawl anymore! She loves to play with her babies, walker, and Little People.

Some of her size 9 month clothes still fit, but she mostly wears 12 month clothes and some 18 month! I started buying bigger so she can wear them longer! She's growing so fast! P is in a size 3 diaper that still smells sweet..haha! TMI?!

P goes to Mrs. Amber's house during the day while Mommy works. She loves it there, but has started crying when I drop her off. :( breaks my first I used to turn around & give her 1 more hug...but I've learned that I just have to say bye & leave!

She's also moved up in car seats! So she's doing better in being in the car because she's not in the bucket anymore...still not a huge fan of the car though! We'd really like to take a trip this summer so I'm hoping she begins to enjoy the carseat more...that's why we need a DVD player for the car! P loves her some Baby Einstein videos! I don't always like to let her watch TV, but she is so clingy to me right now, and the only way I can get anything done is if I put Baby Einstein on!

When the weather's nice we love going for walks & swinging at the park! Don't tell P, but she's either getting a swing set or a swing for her birthday!

P still loves bath time, but now she thinks it's a game to stand & pretend to sit in the bath tub. She's starting to get better at sitting, but slipping & falling doesn't stop her! Maybe we should start showers with Mommy soon?!

Mommy better quit blogging & start buying stuff for the big 1 year old's party coming soon!!!